1. What do I need to know about photos on 2date4love? You MUST click the 'agree box' to upload your photo. By uploading a photo you agree that you have the right to post this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Service . Any unethical photos will be deleted. For info on uploading your photos refer to number 9 on this page.

2. What should I know about my privacy on 2date4love? At 2date4love your privacy is extremely important to us. Due to the sensitive nature of 2date4love and our desire to protect the privacy of our members, you will not be able to view any profiles until you are a member. You will then only be able to view 'your matches' on the criteria that you have entered (the multi-colored dots and questions you've answered). Read more about the precautions we’ve taken on the Our Privacy page

3. What is the dashboard? Think of your dashboard as a home base for you when you sign-in to your account. Your dashboard enables you to navigate the site; all your information you selected about yourself, your inbox, your matches, as well as the 'quick notes' area that you may use as private note taking are located on this page. This is also the section for uploading your photos. Click the 'dashboard' link when in doubt, it will return you to the main area where you started. 

4. What is Quick Notes? Quick notes enables you to jot down reminders to yourself about future dates and/or conversations you’ve had with other members. You can even use Quick Notes as a journal to write down your personal thoughts and goals. Quick Notes is completely private and you’re the only one who will be able to view these notes written on your dashboard page.

5. What do the multi-colored dots on 2date4love represent? The multi- colored dots represent your likes and interests to help match you with the traits that are most important to you, and in a partner. This is a MUST, you will NOT receive any matches unless you check some of the colored dots.

6. How do I change my password,or email address? To change or edit any of your information go to the 'dashboard' page and click the 'settings' link to change or update your information.

7. Do my matches receive emails as well? Yes, the other member will be sent an email from 2date4love telling them that someone is interested in them. 

8. How do I email/send a message on 2date4love? To send a message to someone, first go to the 'dashboard' page, you can then click on the other persons photo/profile, there will be a button that prompts you to 'send a message'. If you want to respond to someone that selected you, you may go to your 'in box' and click their name/profile.

 9. How do I add (upload) photos to my profile? To add photos to your profile, you must first have downloaded some photos of yourself onto your computer. Maybe in a 'document' file or in the 'picture' document section of your computer. Then go to the 'dashboard' page of your profile and select the option that says, 'upload/delete a photo', you will then have the option of uploading 6 different photos. Click the 'browse' button, it will then show your computer screen that you are familiar with seeing. Find the section that you have your photos in and click on one of the photos. The photo should be highlighted, then click 'upload' and the file will start to automatically upload the photo you selected. Continue to upload photos that best show you in different ways.You may receive an error message if your photo is too large. If so, edit the photo or make a new selection. Make sure to click the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom, as well as checking the acceptance box.

 10. How do I find my matches? To find your matches you MUST choose your "LIKES", which is the section with the multi-colored dots. Your matches will appear on your 'dashboard" page, this page will show 3 photo matches,and to the right of that there's a link that says, 'more matches' for the rest of your selections. Remember, the more "likes" you choose, the better your chances of finding a match.  If you have no matches, consider changing your search radius. Eventually there will be more and more people joining 2date4love, so if you don't have a match yet, consider the possibilities to be just around the corner. Meanwhile, join in on our blog to chat with others who share this minor impecfection in the dating world! You may just meet someone next week! Remember to click "Save & Continue".

11. How do I edit my profile? To make changes to your profile, go to your 'dashboard' page, select the 'Basic Info' or 'Details About You' link to make your changes.  Remember to click "Save & Continue".

12. How do I Look at the member choices before joining? Due to the sensitive nature of 2date4love and our desire to protect the privacy of our members, you will not be able to view any profiles until you are a member. If you would like to see a broad overview of the site, please go to TAKE A TOUR.

13. What if I have technical problems? Please contact info@2date4love.com on the Contact page.

Live love like your life.